Monthly Archives: April 2011

work in progress


nearly finished this now. Dots are the main focus of the paintings I’m showing at the Independent Artist Open House (at 47 Sillwood Road,BN1 2LE – Ground Floor Flat)  during the May 2011 Brighton Festival. The open house receives visitors every weekend in May, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. I’ll be there on Sunday 15th and Sunday 29th. See you there!


beautiful tree in Jubilee Street


I noticed this tree in Jubilee Street, Brighton. It didn’t have many leaves and something in it called me to stop and take a photo. After that I continued on my enjoyable journey where I discovered a perfect butter dish, tasted gorgeous oranges, sampled a delicious bakewell slice, chatted with the charming man who sold me a spelt loaf in the market… the list goes on; a proper Wonderland afternoon!

lone swan


a lone swan wanders across Green Park, London. What a beautiful park it is; teeming with wildlife that watches humans for signs of bread: pigeons, crows, swans, ducks. I watched two crows dragging twigs around and then they abandoned them. After that I left the park and wandered across Westminster Bridge to meet Rich near Waterloo. Big Ben is impressive close up and it chimed at quarter to five, just like it does on the news. After dinner in The Cut, we walked to the South Bank Centre; Bart’s Choir and the Philharmonic Orchestra stunned our ears with Beethoven’s Ninth! Wow!

big bead boutique


I discovered a gorgeous bead shop in Brighton the other day. it’s been there for some months but I didn’t know about it until I walked through the grounds of st Nicholas church and came out at the bottom of dyke road. I chatted with Jo, the friendly proprietress, and bought these beads there. the shop has a forties feel to it. beautiful.