Seagull stands on one leg for a long time


When a seagull arrives on my balcony and stands on one leg, silhouetted against the sky, for a long time (as long as it took me to cook and eat minted mashed potato and broccoli) I feel compelled to record the occasion with a photograph. And here it is.


Not Rudolph Steiner’s favourite spot


In St James’ Park, London, there is a bench with a plaque that reads, “Rudolph Steiner’s favourite view”. This isn’t it! I like this one better with its daisies, courting pelicans and beautiful trees on the other side of the lake. The grass has been nibbled to within an eighth of an inch of its life by ravenous rabbits and I sense it would feel compacted if I were to walk on it. London traffic roars around the perimeter of the park, exposing man’s money madness; the grass continues to grow.

Recommendations [for life]


I went to the exhibition for the MA in Inclusive Arts at Brighton University today.  One of the artists, Magda Pata, had these Recommendations on display and I took a photo because I gleefully agree with them as a good basis for any collaboration.

In the beginning was the word…


A stone babe, newly born complete with umbilical cord, lays on a stone at the entrance to St Martin in the Fields Church; the National Gallery beckons from Trafalgar Square.

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When I looked at this wall, on the seafront at Seaford, I suddenly understood the colouring of seagulls: the grey, black and white feathers match the rocks of the cliff. What a wonderful world/wall!  And now, a joke:

What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?

Answer in comments please! 🙂

Green oasis


There’s a lovely oasis of green calm surrounded by busy main roads near where I live in Brighton. It’s called The Level. Trees line the pathway around a large open grassy area and a park split into three play areas: a skateboard park, a toddlers play park and an older children’s park. No play things for grown ups though unfortunately – we seem to be encouraged to play serious grown up games when we “grow up”! I love these trees.

Goldilocks and the Level


When I got home from my wander around the Level and looked at the photos I took, this one made me gasp so here it is. Also, my porridge was ready when I got home so I felt a little like Goldilocks. No bears though and I didn’t break any chairs.