In the beginning was the word…


A stone babe, newly born complete with umbilical cord, lays on a stone at the entrance to St Martin in the Fields Church; the National Gallery beckons from Trafalgar Square.

The words carved around the bottom of this statue are from the beginning of the gospel of st john: “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god…” This sculpture is about Jesus – “the word made flesh”.

Later, at the National Gallery, I saw many religious icons. These images are powerful. And imaginative. And dramatic. And they appeal to the part of me that loves stories.

I did some online research into “in the beginning was the word…” and I see there are messiah stories in most of the major religions. They go something like this: when people are not being very nice to each other (which could be any time) a messiah will arrive and will unite us and we will never be hungry and we will all know “god” who is male.

If they all share this, is there something in it and what might that be?


What do you think?

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