Brighton Art Fair 2011


A free ticket came my way so off to Brighton Corn Exchange I trotted to discover what’s what at the 2011 Brighton Art Fair.


Art House Meath, a Surrey social enterprise, displaying prints, cards and other merchandise by artists living with epilepsy and learning difficulties. I chose a birthday card for my mum.


Steve McPherson collects multi coloured fragments of unaltered marine/beach plastic. I liked the vibrancy and individuality of his pictures, and the pleasing way they’ve been put together.


Clair Letton makes these mixed media on canvas images; up close they’re intricate and shiny – other worldly.


Alexander Korzer-Robinson takes old books (unwanted encyclopedias and the like) and cuts away the text leaving amazing 3D images viewed through the cut away hole in the front cover. Intricate and beautiful, they are definitely worth a look.


Similar and different to Alexander’s books, Frances Bloomfield makes these intriguing scenes incorporating pages of words.


Emily Kirby‘s paintings are strikingly beautiful – figurative and expressive, the colours are amazing.


What do you think?

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