Are you looking at me?


A work in progress… eyes, howling wolf, stars, Marilyn Monroe in the photo that apparently made her an icon: she’s stretched into an unnatural, in my opinion, position for the sake of beauty.

The eyes come from a magazine – I cut them from adverts for beauty products.

The words “howling wolf” come from my first counselling session with Emma Welsh where I identified a wolf in me that held the pain that I couldn’t bear to acknowledge before.

The stars, each one painstakingly cut out with a pair of scissors, are from a piece of gift wrapping paper.

The piece of red and blue/purple curled up paper came about from painting something else: acrylic paint dries very quickly so, to keep it wet for longer, I soak a piece of sketchbook paper in water and lay it on a plate; I wet a similar sized piece of greaseproof paper (that is used for lining cake tins and the like) and lay it over the sketchbook paper. I add the paint and mix it then I can take my time using it.

On the occasion I used this paint I wandered off to do something else and forgot about it. I loved what happened to the paper and the plate:


What do you think?


What do you think?

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