La Luna and The She-Wolf who held the pain


The Three Muses set their weekly artistic challenge: “the moon”. It ties in with one of my current projects: telling the story of the different identities my imagination created during my childhood to protect me.

One is a she-wolf; she lives inside me on a beautiful snow covered mountainside. I discovered her existence during my first counselling session with Emma Welsh.

The moon has an important role in helping the wolf to release the pain she has held for me and the other identities; when the moon is full it stirs something in her to howl out. It’s not full yet…

I made the light side of the moon using a page from a magazine and several coats of white natural emulsion paint.

The dark side of the moon is black card flicked with tippex and painted over with black acrylic paint.

The fabric of the universe, or dark matter, is a large knitted square over which I sprinkled stars that were given to me by a wise woman at Survivors Network.

If there is a god or creator, I wonder if it created the universe as an art project?

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “La Luna and The She-Wolf who held the pain

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