NaNoWriMo Novel 2011: Part 20

A hand on my shoulder makes me jump. I turn and see Lily’s concerned eyes.
“You have to remember, Steve, that your mother has issues just like everyone else. Unfortunately.”
I nod. But I don’t want her to have issues. I want her to just love me properly. I glance at her sitting on the sofa over there. Her head is bowed, one hand on the back of it rubbing her hair slowly. I don’t like this talk of a new community. It sounds as bad as the Party’s ideals. “What’s this new community, Lily? What are you going to do?”

She leads me to a dining chair and I sit. She sits next to me. She holds my hand. “We want to return to the old ways. The time before patriarchy. The time when wisdom walked the earth and was not banished as irrational.” She watches my face. “This Party structure is patriarchy gone mad. It’s too extreme. And, therefore, we need an extreme reaction.” I swallow. She adds her other hand to mine now. “Steve, we are going to change the world.” She lets this sink in. “We have collected the sperms of impressive men. We will do what God did with Noah.”
“What God did with Noah. Even if we are assuming that the bible is truth, which is a leap…” I slide my hand out of her grasp. “Even if we… So you’re playing God basically? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna kill people? The whole world except the chosen few?” I stand and pace the kitchenette floor.
“Yes, we thought you might have some trouble with it.”
“Trouble with it?” I laugh. “Are you joking? This is a joke. You’re not joking.” I stand still and gaze at her. She looks so gentle. How can she even be a part of this? I look at Rebecca. Her eyes are bright. Mother still sits with her head bowed. I shake my head. “Who are you going kill?”
“Steve, you must understand. This is necessary. A cleansing. A purge-”
“Of the bad apples? Am I for the chop in her plan?” I nod at mother.
“Not originally. When you left the Party leadership we thought you would play a key role in our new community.”
“You’re fucking nuts.” I walk in measured steps to the cooker and turn the gas on and off again. “When were you going to ask me to join you?” I wait, turning the gas knob faster and faster. “You weren’t were you? You were hoping I’d just come along with you. At least when I was eleven you gave me a choice. Not much information but at least a fucking choice.” I turn on all the gas knobs and press the ignition switch. Blue flames flare into existence. “Fucking hell.” The flames rise and fall with the twists of the knobs. How low can I turn it without the gas going out? “What would my key role have been?” The gas goes out on the lower left section. Tutting, I relight it and turn it down low.
“Communications. Your public speaking skills are so good. You’re a natural.” Rebecca’s voice slides around my shoulders. I do like public speaking. I like that thrill I get when I’ve said something the crowd agrees with and a cheer goes up. I switch off the gas. “How are you going to kill people?” I hover my hand over the gas ring at the back. It’s hot. How close can I get my hand to it without being burnt? I lower it slowly.
“Silenol. They used hardly any of it in their extermination of the council estates.” A matter of fact statement delivered in my favourite voice. I imagine her blue eyes innocently blinking at me.
“Who are you going to kill?”
“Everyone who isn’t part of the Peace and Love movement.”
“Ha! Ouch!” My hand stings where it kissed the hot metal. “When you aiming to do it?”
“Tomorrow.” My mother’s flat voice slices into the room. I nod. I imagine the Silenol is in place. Ready to go. There’s not a great deal I can do about it. Probably better to join them to beat them. “Okay. I’m in. What happens next?”


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