#363 Sea Snakes


Follow the urge: today, while my bath was running, I cut the straggling thread from my bathmat and glued it to the painting I made on New Year’s Day which was my first Project 365 post. What I love about using PVA glue is the skin like film that dries on my fingers: something to peel.

Later I added gold paint to a couple of the “sea snakes”. This painting has become a scene at the bottom of the ocean. Sea snakes. I used to have nightmares about snakes in my bed and refused to go back to sleep until my mum and dad had jumped on my quilt and thrown the dead “snakes” out of the window. Quite disruptive, considering mum lives over 300 miles away from me. ;o)

I don’t like this picture. It feels cold and bare. From the depths arise these swirling creatures but I don’t think they can hurt me. I think it’s their movement that is frightening. There is gold there. I wonder what that means. I guess the thing to do is go towards that which horrifies me. If I know what I’m dealing with I can begin to accept it. That is the key: to know, to allow, to surrender. What is it like to feel those snakes slithering around my legs, their smooth bodies touching my skin? They bump gently against me, almost as if I’m part of the scenery. Which I am. That feels better.


What do you think?

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