#362 Roses are white


Take one old piece of wrapping paper, glue a gold coloured Roses sweet wrapper to it, draw white lines on the creases of the paper, complete the word “Roses” onto the brown paper from the sweet wrapper, draw brown dots at the start of each white line, curl three bits of white paper and glue them underneath the corners of the Roses wrapper and what have you got? A strange, meaningless piece of art.

Let’s make some meaning from it.

The Roses wrapper could stand for the commercial value of Christmas to Cadburys’ shareholders. In contrast is the reused brown wrapping paper. Perhaps it’s a statement that I’m more interested in recycling things now than I am in buying brand new products, although there is still a pull to those sugar filled treats.

The white lines and brown dots are a nod to my compulsion to carry on with something once I’ve started regardless of whether it’s good for me. It’s also a delve into seeing what happens when I stick to a rule. The paper curl that shows up particularly well in the photograph, because of its shadow, highlights the human condition: how can you be whole if you do not accept those shadow parts of you?


What do you think?

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