Workshop Exercise Instruction in Haiku


Write a short story.
Very short. One hundred words.
You have ten minutes.

My short story:

“What are you writing?”
I close my eyes. “Ask me again.”
I’m half-tempted to peek through the silence. I wait.
She coughs. “What are you writing?”
I smile. Her voice has a smooth surface like thin chocolate waiting to be bitten. What sort of filling is inside?
I open my eyes and nod at the seat on my left. “Please join me.”
She pulls out the chair while laying her latte on the table. A swift, efficient movement. Graceful.
“I’m writing about chocolate.”
She smiles; sips her coffee appreciatively, closing her eyes to savour it.
Rich, creamy ganache.

This exercise comes from Ali Smith via page 26 of The Creative Writing Coursebook, edited by Julia Bell and Paul Magrs.


What do you think?

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