In The Shadows

My son, Alex, is a musician and composer. His track, In The Shadows, has inspired me into filmmaking action. He has kindly given me permission to make a film and include the music as its soundtrack. The track is here.

The track is 2 minutes and 40 seconds long. I could make the film that long (it would be slightly longer to take into account titles and credits) or I could make it longer and bring the music in and out.

In the shadows. Reminds me of movies like 28 Days Later and I Am Legend. Those moments between day and night when the sun is setting and the shadows get longer. It is especially poignant when the sun is close to the horizon. The shadows grow faster. I live on the sixth floor of a highrise block with a west facing balcony: I watch this happen most evenings in the summer when the sky is not filled with grey cloud. It is spooky.

What else? In the shadows. Outside of the mainstream. Living outside of societal norms. Cooling off from the heat of the day. There was a band called The Shadows in the 70s: they played that amazing tune, Apache. It was later played by the Incredible Bongo Band and their version has been used in many hiphop tracks because of the excellent percussion break in the middle. I have danced to it at parties in Brighton and it always filled the floor – my smile is wide as I think of it.

What else? In the shadows. Of other people. Or idols. I might be in the shadows of people I admire or am fearful of. I might be too afraid to come out of their shadows. What if I did? Who do I admire or feel fearful of? I admire Buddha and Jesus for their determination to experience enlightenment. They both stepped out of their ordinary lives and refused to rejoin society until they had faced their demons. Who am I fearful of? People who are closed or agitated. Something to be let go of there. That’s to do with my mum. Avoiding her rather than facing the fear that I might desert myself to please her. And if that happens all I need to do is unagree anything I’ve agreed to. Who else? I admire my son who picks up an instrument and decides to learn how to play it.

So what do I have here so far?

A 2m40s instrumental song: In The Shadows

Some thoughts on:
dystopian movies
the setting sun
temperature control
Apache by The Shadows
Apache by Incredible Bongo Band
facing demons

Next step? Let those ideas percolate.


What do you think?

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