Overcoming procrastination, I headed to St Peter’s House Library today and imported all the footage from the MiniDV tape to my network space in the computer pool. I chose not to use Final Cut Pro, which wouldn’t start up. It didn’t recognise that the video recorder was attached to the rather lovely iMac I was using (dear universe, I would like an iMac. One of the older white plastic ones with a white keyboard and wireless mouse and speakers and remote control. In return I promise to serve you in the best way I can). I used iMovie instead and, after I fiddled about with the wire, it “saw” the video camera and imported the footage. I sat there for just over an hour, watching the footage as it transferred. That helped me get to know the shots a little better. Being a newbie to iMovie, I watched some YouTube tutorials to help me in the next step of pulling out the bits of film that were chosen at random the other day. Looks pretty easy to use. I’m looking forward to the edit.


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