Is the easy path a fallacy?


This strange configuration caught my eye as I crossed the road from Brighton Pavilion Gardens to the patch of green between University of Brighton and the King and Queen pub. How long had it been there like that? Looks like it might rise up to join the Zombie Walk at the end of October.


The rotting corpse contrasts with life bursting out of the ground around it. But does it?

Is there really a contrast? The fact that the corpse is disintegrating shows there is some lively process at work. Bacteria or spores or creatures devour it. These are practices nature has adopted because conditions were right for breaking down what no longer lives into food for different species. Pragmatic nature. Does this mean there were no other options? The photographs I took showed the results of what had happened so far. What were the choices in those processes? How were the choices made? What made them? Does nature take difficult decisions in order to experience new ways of being or does it take the easy path to continue what it already knows? I think it probably does both. Or perhaps taking the “easy” path and repeating what is already known is a fallacy anyway. Each moment is unique.


What do you think?

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