Not all jokes are funny.


This is what you don’t see in the Batman film underneath the makeup usually worn by the Joker. These scars form part of the story and the character alludes to the scars by suggesting a possible way he came by them. But he quickly gives another alternative and it is hard to feel anything other than fascination towards him. He is in touch with the worst thing that happened to him and he is letting it define him. He has become his scars. The Joker is his name but his humour has become a shield and a weapon.

My scars are tucked away inside me. You can’t see the worst thing that happened to me by looking at me but it does define me. It marks my identity. My identity is split into personas. There is one Everyday persona who is agreeable and tries to please. This is a cover for the one who is Locked up in a dark cell. She doesn’t speak but she grunts and screams like an animal. There is a Limp body tied to her back. No matter how much she wriggles, squirms or runs around the cell the ropes do not loosen. She cannot get away from it.


What do you think?

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