Group Crit Preparation – My Ideas

1. Me playing my different personas, particularly the hidden ones, possibly using green screen so I can interact with myself.

2. A group of people I know playing my different personas.

3. My depiction of a real traumatic event that occurred in my childhood, either as the whole film or as a flashback in one of the others.

4. Using a short story I wrote last year: about a girl who visits a dreamland and part of her finger is chopped off; a way of exploring metaphorically.

5. Pick a day, borrow a camera and sound equipment, go shooting and recording random things, and use chance and serendipity to guide me. Could take cards with my persona details printed on them and ask random members of the public to perform actions associated with a persona.

Feedback received: get a camera and shoot some test material, possibly ask someone else to do the camera work.


What do you think?

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