Jo’s Identity – working document

Jo’s Identity (working title) – a short film by Julia Fry  

This is a short film about identity to explore the identity of Jo Offer. Jo will watch the film ten years after it has been produced. This will, hopefully, create the conditions necessary for candidness and will provide an opportunity for an artistic intervention in ten years. The film aims to answer the following questions:  

How does Jo see her own identity?
How do the people in Jo’s life see her identity?
What are the similarities and differences between viewpoints?
What might this mean in relation to identity?  

The following people will be filmed if they grant permission:  

Jo Offer Peter, Jo’s husband
Monica, Jo’s daughter
Ingrid, Jo’s daughter
Lino, Jo’s friend (currently staying at her home for 2 weeks from 16 Oct 2012)
Alice Fox, Jo’s colleague at University of Brighton
Kate Bacon, Jo’s friend and colleague
Me, Jo’s friend and colleague
Barbara, Jo’s friend (available tomorrow eve 17/10)
Sally, Jo’s friend (Sunday 21 Oct 2012 3pm at Brighton Station)
Sue, Jo’s mum (phone interview – are there photos?)
Bob, Jo’s dad (phone interview – are there photos?)
Rebecca, Jo’s sister (phone or Skype interview – photos or video footage?)
Edward, Jo’s brother (phone or Skype interview – photos or video footage?)  

Example questions:  
How would you define Jo’s personality?
What identifies Jo as Jo?
What gestures or behaviours are common to Jo?
Have you known Jo to be different in the past compared with now?
What has remained constant about Jo during your relationship?
How is Jo different to other people?
What is the essence of Jo?
What would life be like without Jo?
What do you love about Jo?
What annoys you about Jo?
If you had to go away from Jo for a long time and could bottle some reminder of Jo what would it be?  

Filming and editing to be completed by Tuesday 6 November 2012 for showing to staff and first year students of BA (Hons) Moving Image course at University of Brighton. The film will not be shown or distributed outside of the university unless permission has been obtained from those who appear in it.  

Suggested Filming Schedule:  

Wednesday 17 October 2012
10am Jo, University of Brighton  
8pm Barbara, place TBA  

Sunday 21 October 2012
12pm, Lino, Jo’s house
1pm, Peter, Jo’s house  
2pm, Monica, local park or back garden
2pm, Ingrid, local park or back garden  
3pm Sally, Brighton Station  

Monday 22 October 2012
1.30pm Sue, phone
2.30pm Bob, phone  

Tuesday 23 October 2012
2pm Rebecca, phone or skype
3pm Edward, phone or skype  

Wednesday 24 October 2012
10am Alice Fox, University of Brighton
11am Kate Bacon, local cafe or museum  


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