New film ideas

Whilst journalling I identified some new ideas for my film:

1) Continuing with the tree idea, I could film in four directions from a tree trunk. Or from the Queen Victoria statue in Victoria Gardens. Could edit the clips so they are different colours and could make them less opaque at different times and layer them over one another.
2) On my way to the cinema last night I asked myself what I would do if I didn’t need anyone’s approval and could do anything and immediately the answer was a stop motion union jack made of dots. My first idea. Initial resistance: it will take a long time. It took me hours to do the drawing. Could use bigger pens to make the dots. Could go to the media centre to find out about the stop motion equipment or could use my mobile phone and tripod and borrow some lights.

3) Showing the power shift from sovereign to bankers. Could start with the stop motion union jack dots building up (or just the one I made already slowly zooming out), cutting to images of shops and busy shopping streets and banks (shots of banks to be churchlike). Maybe a shot of the Pavilion zooming out from it. Zooming in on banks. Last shot of a bunch of people on the steps of Barclays signing the national anthem.

Wrote a shopping list of shots for tomorrow morning.


What do you think?

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