Why am I making a film about a tree?

The tree is decorated but it’s a tree and all the decorations around it are like poison ivy choking it to death. The tree isn’t being seen for what it is. It’s being used by a bunch of humans. So I want to contrast the colourful fake stuff being attached to it with the natural more muted tones of the bits of it that are free. And I want to protest on its behalf: it’s a tree. Not a fucking memorial. It was a tree first. How can I show the claustrophobic feeling of being hemmed in by this stuff on the tree? The first shot is of the tree and shows the decorations then the camera zooms in on it creeping up the trunk. Slowly moving towards the tree from the outside. Static shot from the inside. Normal sounds on the outside. Distressed sounds on the inside. Camera closes in on the decs, always moving towards the trunk. Through the decorations, up the trunk and into the leaves where the tree shudders, shakes and cries etc.

It shouldn’t be a straight line to the tree. It should be a meandering look at what is there, starting from a place that will take in the whole of the tree. A static shot. This shows us the tree and that there are ribbons tied to it and stuff around its trunk. What if we cut to the tree’s perspective from directly behind the stuff around the trunk? And play distress sounds – creaking, stretching, panting. Cut to outside the tree, closer, so we can see more detail of the stuff. I want to draw a line between what’s outside and constricting to what’s inside so that they are connected. Cause and effect.


A long shot of the tree very slowly moving towards it. Cut it with short shots from the trunk looking out thru the stuff the long shot is slowly bringing into detail. Macro lens so everything in background is blurred. And sounds of distress and creaking. What happens when these two shots eventually meet? What would this depict? The outside shot goes through the stuff around the tree to the trunk and “hears” the tree cry. As it reaches the trunk it goes up to look in detail at what is there. As this happens the tree’s crying reaches a crescendo and releases into sobs and then, eventually, calm breathing. This makes me very nervous. It feels very risky. As if discovering someone crying and feeling uncomfortable or suddenly realising someone is real and not an idea you had of them.


What do you think?

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