Fears about filming

I have a fear of going to film and Caisie’s friends being angry at me for ignoring her story. Or for portraying the tree as choked by the stuff they’ve attached to it. And if they are? Then it could be showing there is truth in what I’m doing. Revealing the madness of human actions. What might happen? They might have a go at me. But it’s not Caisie’s tree and they don’t own it and it’s a public space and I am free to go there. There’s something about claiming space by decorating it. Flag. Union jack. British. Taking what’s not yours and using it for your own meaning. And making it okay by getting other people involved. I feel hesitant about disturbing the decorations in case… what? It would be like disturbing the stuff people leave at graves. There is a lot of emotional attachment in the stuff placed there. Why do they need a memorial? Why can’t they remember her with their words and in their heads?


What do you think?

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