Filmed: with Ruth at The Level

My friend, Ruth, came with me to the Level to film the tree. I asked if she would mind being in the film. She agreed. We filmed from the tree’s perspective first. I filmed her walking towards the tree and, hearing the tree cough and choke, stop in surprise then approach the tree. It was interesting filming in this way. We did several takes. Had to wait for people to pass. People wanted to talk to us and find out what we were doing. I was making coughing, choking and crying noises as Ruth walked towards me and she thought some people thought I was grieving for Caisie. We had excellent weather for filming. Took a sheet of cardboard to kneel on by the tree. Watched the rushes at St Peter’s House Library then filmed again. What I would have done differently is kept filming instead of cutting the action at various points and more retakes. Overall I was more pleased with the footage than I was with previous footage. I think this is because I was very connected to my idea and knew what I wanted.


What do you think?

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