Place: It Burns And Turns To Ash


Maya Deren’s film, Divine Horsemen, made me think of the free parties I used to go to at the temple room cut into the undercliff opposite Volks Railway Station at Blackrock, Brighton. Unfortunately, the temple room is fenced off and seems to be undergoing renovation but I did find an alcove (see photo above) that might do instead for my next film.

My film, It Burns And Turns To Ash, is about places we use as a way of escaping reality. The main character in my film goes to a free party at Blackrock to dance and feel a sense of unity with the people around her. Deren’s film shows the Haitian people dancing to induce divinity and the voiceover tells us the dancing is a religious, rather than secular, act. Rave culture had the same aims although these were not so overtly stated. My film aims to show how state of mind can change perception of place. The main character’s opinion of the location changes during her time there. At first it seems welcoming and fun, then becomes threatening when she is triggered back to a traumatic childhood event. Finally, she uses drugs to try to bring back the welcoming/fun feeling, suppressing the painful feelings.

Here’s another shot of the inside of the alcove:


The next two photos are views from outside the alcove:



Alternatively, I could use Volks Railway Station at Blackrock:




And this is a view from a less grubby alcove:



What do you think?

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