Group Crit: Place

I presented my film idea of using Volks Railway Station at Black Rock as a location for the story I want to tell. I received the following feedback:

There’s a film using a desolate location on the Diversity and Place film festival of Canada website. It’s set at an old mill.

In relation to showing altered states of consciousness, there is a drug scene in Midnight Cowboy.

It was suggested that I make two pieces so that one is about place and one is about the autobiographical story I want to externalise and look at. I wonder if it’s possible to combine two films in one?

There was a swimming pool to the east of the railway station: Brighton Lido that was built in the 1930s and destroyed in the 1970s. Perhaps there is screen archive footage of this. I could overlay sounds of people at the Lido as a way of juxtaposing different entertainment styles in different ages – my film includes a free party scene.

There is a book, Out of Order, showing photographs of free parties.

During a classmate’s crit, Tim stated “you only really use your imagination when you’re confined.” This made me think about the main character’s self conscious episode in the middle of the dancers. Perhaps there’s something about place within a group and what happens when there isn’t enough space.

The link between Sussex Square, adjacent to the railway station, and Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was pointed out.

It was suggested that if I do get a sound system to the railway station the police might be called. We discussed ways of dealing with this and even calling them myself. Rees stated that if you tell the police you’re filming they are powerless to stop you and less likely to be brutal. Perhaps I could get them on my side before the shoot by talking to them and asking them to be part of it or is this a digression?


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