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Lewis Carroll’s connection to Sussex Square intrigued me so I Googled him. There is an academic debate that exists around whether he was a paedophile. He took photographs of little girls, some of them nude. He apparently asked the parents if it was okay. Some academics are stating it was the norm in Victorian times to photograph naked little girls and that makes it okay. However, my mother states the same thing regarding hitting children. Just because “everyone” was doing it, it doesn’t make it okay. Also, the girls in the photographs are posed provocatively; here’s an example:


It is obvious Carroll arranged the child in the pose. This is a photograph he took of himself and Alice Liddell, the inspiration for his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She is kissing him with her mouth open. To me this suggests she has been groomed to respond to him in this way.


I find this photo disturbing. It also relates to my film: the main character, Alice, was sexually abused in childhood but has suppressed the memories of the abuse and, instead, hero worships her abuser. It is synchronous that Lewis Carroll has a connection with the place I want to make a film about. I spent some time making notes about books I could borrow about Lewis Carroll to try to get a better handle on it. I could also research paedophilia in Victorian times.

Carroll’s connection with Sussex Square is this: his sister lived at 11 Sussex Square for four years and he was a frequent visitor. It is said he thought of the idea for the downward journey into Wonderland because of the tunnel that leads from Sussex Square gardens to the undercliff walk:


You can just make out doors in the tunnel walls which relates to the corridor in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I thought about how I might incorporate Carroll into my film. I know someone who lives at Sussex Square. Perhaps I can gain access to the gardens. In the group crit yesterday my tutor stated the Freudian idea of a downward journey as a trip into the unconscious or uncanny.

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  1. Anonymous

    I know that this blog was posted a long while ago, but I hope you have since learned that the photo of Dogson and Alice has long been photo shopped. I have no vendettas against anyone or thing but inaccuracy. Glance through this gallery and you’ll find the original image she was shopped in from:
    Please, do you’re homework a little further than a wikipedia article before jumping on the bandwagon when something piques your interest next time.


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