Scene: Alice and friend by the station

“He took photos of children naked in provocative poses!” Alice’s friend laughed without humour.
Alice felt a shiver of sickness run through her body. She reached for her cigarettes. With trembling fingers she pulled a rizla free of its packet. The wind whipped it away instantly and she snapped her head to follow it with her gaze but it was gone. She pulled at another paper, holding it firmly between finger and thumb. With fierce intent she filled the paper with tobacco and a filter. Raising it to her lips, she found no spit.
“Please lick this!” She held it to her friend’s lips.
Her friend obliged; “are you okay?”
Nodding too hard, Alice placed her cigarette and fired it up. A deep inhalation strangled the sob stuck in her throat.
“That tunnel leads to Sussex Square Gardens. Apparently it was the inspiration for the corridor in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll used to go there. Maybe even with Alice Liddell!”
“Who’s Alice Liddell?” Alice’s voice, now stony, blew out the words carelessly.
“The little girl who inspired him to write Alice in Wonderland. I reckon he messed with her as well.”
“Why?” Alice squirmed and stared at the entrance to the tunnel.
“There’s a photo of him with her, she’s about seven or eight, and she’s kissing him and her mouth’s open. It’s just wrong!”
Alice drew deeply on the cigarette, feeling the poison jangle its way into her fingers and toes, quietly killing her emotions.
“Dirty perv! You coming, Alice?” Her friend, now standing, peered at her.
She shook her head, “no. I’ll finish this first and join you in a mo.” Realising her gaze was still on the tunnel, she lifted her chin and grinned weakly. Her friend nodded, gave a half smile, and waltzed around the ticket barrier towards the sea. Alice shifted her focus back to the tunnel and smoked her cigarette.


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