Alice’s Adventures At Black Rock – final group crit version

This video is the final group crit version I presented at University of Brighton today. It uses a fictional story, based on an autobiographical truth, to explore various places at Black Rock, Brighton, and the way place relates to memory. Memories can be triggered by any of the senses but in this film I have used sight. Alice, the lead character, visits Black Rock and as she explores, she is triggered into remembering a traumatic event from childhood. A confrontation scene includes dialogue with her abuser, while the camera zooms slowly in on a close up of the torn fabric of a sofa, inspired by Michael Snow’s film Wavelength. The film received a spontaneous round of applause at the end.

It will be interesting to put the film away for a while now and come back to it later to see what changes I might make in the future. For now, I am mostly happy with it but there are some issues with the scene where Alice dances in Black Rock Railway Station. I am aware the editing needs attention, as pointed out in feedback, although the changes I need to make are not obvious to me right now. Time will allow my subconscious to come up with answers.


10 thoughts on “Alice’s Adventures At Black Rock – final group crit version

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