Fictions brief: journal

Matthew said: moving around the existing footage of my previous film is editing, not recomposing. So what is deconstructing? Maybe I do mean decompose rather than deconstruct in relation to working on my last film. Maybe I need to project it digitally whilst filming it in 16mm and bury it and dig it up and then see what I’ve got (burying it was Matthew’s idea). Seems very simple. Could also paint on the film. I like this idea. Could I make it into a shorter film? One reel? I said, in class today, I need to break it. I need to break it. Perhaps I need to film from Alice stopping dancing to the tunnel, then the alcove, then the sea. Part of the opening scene too. I need to see how long those bits are and record the timings. It might actually be quite complicated. Or I could just turn up and do it. What do I need to do for this? How is this decomposing it? I need to break it. How? Smash it. Kick it. Spit on it. Stab it. Slash it. Write on it. It’s over he’s dead. So I need to know how long a reel of film is and how long the bits are that I want to put on it. I need to touch it and I want to develop the image over the optical sound track. And I want it printed.


What do you think?

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