Selected elements


I cut out selected elements from my short story A Beautiful Handkerchief and glued them to a piece of paper. They are:

Yellow sky draped itself over everything lazily

Grass inviting walk and then kneel and then roll on it

She dragged her hand over the wall

Windows elongating their shapes in places

Worn uneven, huge lichen stained rectangles split into triangular islands

Cracks moss and weeds

Stepped inside each stone,

A recess in the brickwork

A door

A hole in the wall

One word, printed in red ink, stated “BELL”.

Her finger in the hole


Astonished silence, heavy with questions, reigned in the space where the end of Elianna’s finger used to be

Yellow sky draped itself over everything lazily

I’m thinking this could be my shot list for the Fictions brief. I took a photo and then noticed the gaps in the page I had cut these words out of. As I read the text that was left, it occurred to me that I could narrate this and it would not make a lot of sense, especially if the images and words occur separately from each other. I wrote the short story a few years ago. It’s based on a dream I had during a nap. It was incredibly vivid.


What do you think?

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