What’s left


The text that was left after selecting elements of my short story: “The dusty the air, thick and pungent, carried draughts of sweet honeysuckle tinged with sulphur. Velvety sprang up from mossy roots, you to. Elianna turned away from the grass and, feeling her way by sliding her feet along the pavement, she stared at the building as she walked; its walls seemed crumbly, as though they were made of sand. but it held solid; not a single grain or particle came away. bigger than the ones she’d seen at Buckingham Palace, reflected sky and trees,. Why would anyone want such big rooms? She arrived at a corner of the building and peeped around it; sighing deeply, she turned the corner and continued treading the great slabs of stone that looked as if they’d been there forever; grew out of the between them. Elianna carefully tiptoeing in her patent leather shoes on the ones that had creases had formed on her shoes at the lines where her toes met her feet and little ruches of patent leather hinted at future cracks or peeling. A breeze stirred the leaves of the nearby oak trees into soft whispers as she tapped her way across the paving slabs. announced itself – there was: it was big and painted black with a large brass knocker, too high for her to reach. No letterbox. She raised her fist to knock and, out of the corner of her eye, spied with a small piece of paper beneath it. She pushed and gasped. Pulling her finger free, and blinking rapidly, she gave a tiny moan; the top of her finger was missing. claret red and glinting in the sunlight, throbbed out and cascaded down her palm to her wrist where it dripped onto the”

What I noticed as I typed this text out was the incongruencies and the effect they had on me. I felt pleased at the sentences that didn’t make sense. And I imagined a voiceover stating the opposite of what was being shown visually. I like the idea of the viewer not being able to trust the film because the words and the images do not match. I think the mood it might create is one of confusion. And it questions traditional narrative, certainly in the way I’ve been telling stories. I think it is important for me to work in this way because it breaks the way I worked previously. In Alice’s Adventures at Black Rock I intended to make meaning and wanted the viewer to come away with a definite and clear idea of what had happened.


What do you think?

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