Stan Brakhage documentary

Stan Brakhage made an interesting point in the documentary about his life and work: the eye is incapable of doing a slow pan, like a camera on a tripod. Instead, it jumps to a new focus point. However, the rest of the environment stays in shot. So the difference between the camera lens and the eye lens is the yellow spot that sees clearly. The camera doesn’t have one of these yellow spots that enables the human eye to focus on a detail without zooming in. I wonder how I can achieve this with the DSLR? There’s no physical movement of the frame; only the lens moves (in the human eye) – this is what I’d like to do with a camera.

Regarding sound, a lot of Brakhage’s films are silent because he develops a visual language that would make the films redundant if sound were added. He believes films are a visual art. I disagree with this statement – film can include all of the other arts and the extent to which it does depends on the needs of the film.

Brakhage. Dir. Jim Shedden. Canada. 1998. Watched on on Fri 22 February 2013.


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