Always check the equipment

Oh dear. On checking the filming equipment this evening, I have discovered:

  • only two bars of battery life in the battery inside the camera. The other battery is dead and the battery charger is not in the bag.
  • Only one bar of battery life on each set of batteries for the zoom sound recorder.
  • No plate to connect the camera to the tripod.
  • The boom mic plugs in okay to the zoom recorder and has a great sound.

Hmmm. This means that for tomorrow’s film shoot I’ll need to practise the camera movements with the camera turned off several times before going for it with the camera on – it’ll be like shooting with film rather than unlimited digital (which is not unlimited, as I have found out). It also means I’ll need to buy batteries for the zoom sound recorder. Luckily, the camera shots are mostly hand held shots; now, they all are. This is good. Limitations make for creativity.

Edited a coupla hours later: Ezra texted to say he has a spare full battery for a Canon 60D DSLR and he’s bringing it tomorrow – he’s the soundman on the shoot. Yay!


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