Opening sequence – rough edit

This is a roughly edited opening sequence to my film for the fictions brief. I used the end from the telecined 16mm film to overlay the image from the DSLR shot, whilst the sound remains from the DSLR footage. The film begins with a white screen, but it’s not pure white – there is some flickering. After a second or two, the colour begins to flicker. I’m going to make a title to overlay these first frames.

The sea flickers into view. This is the scene from Alice’s Adventures at Black Rock where there is complete silence after Alice remembers the sexual abuse committed by her Uncle. The sea is stormy. I think this is an important way to open the movie – if you haven’t seen the previous movie you wouldn’t know why it was there but it does lend an air of coldness with its blue tint and stormy weather; the warm yellow of the room in which Ali is sitting to talk about the abuse contrasts with the cold blue of the 16mm film.


What do you think?

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