Dialogue with a motorcycle

This is a roughly edited clip from my documentary showing a dialogue between my motorcycle and me. I decided to create a dialogue after asking myself what sort of voice would my motorcycle have and what would it say to me. I remembered my short story, written from Death’s point of view. Giving Death a voice and imagining it as a character that had grown bored and cold at work had allowed me an opportunity to explore what happened when it met someone unusual.

My bike became frightening to me after the last time I dropped it. Getting on it and riding it at the last training session on Wednesday was nerve racking but, by the end of the session, I felt more confident and realised I’d learned a major lesson about complacency through dropping the bike. Respect began to grow in place of fear and, as it did, my perspective changed.

I used to the see the bike as a monster capable of hurting me. Now I see it as something that needs to be listened to well and given handling that is congruent and responsive. I still have some fear because I don’t fully trust myself. This is why I have the bike telling me this. In reality, the bike is telling me this when I drop it or when I lose my balance or brake jerkily. Giving the bike a voice enables me to forge a deeper connection with it. Maybe I’m looking for some sort of wholesome father figure because I’ve never had that in my life and the bike, I imagine, can be that better than any human can because I know, for certain, that the bike won’t do anything on purpose to hurt me and that’s why I trust it.

Dialogue is a way of moving and growing. My aim with this film now is to keep dialoguing and discovering insights through doing so – I have lots of footage to apply to the dialogue; I’m aware of the need for sounds to be added but it’s early in the process, considering my inspiration arrived only yesterday. The dialoguing links to Brechtian ideas about dialectics although, obviously, my film is looking at a very personal-to-me subject rather than Marxist ideology, or lack thereof, in current society.


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