The voice of the motorcycle

The voice of the motorcycle

In today’s group crit at uni, I showed the brief film clip I’d made showing my idea about giving my motorcycle a voice. I’d used my own voice and slowed it down to 72%. It’s not the final edit, by any means, but it was pointed out that the voice might not work. To me the voice sounds more at home in a horror movie than a documentary about a female bonding with her motorcycle. So what can I do about the voice?

Whilst watching Enjoy Poverty by Renzo Martens I had a flash of inspiration: I could record the bike’s engine revving in time to the words and display the words in subtitles. It would be as if the bike is actually speaking in a foreign language and the subtitles are translating what it’s saying into English. As an initial idea it works for me; however, it might create a great deal of work, depending on how much the bike has to say. When I was working on the dialogue last night I was recording straight into my dictaphone without writing the dialogue. I wanted to avoid writing it so that a conversation between the bike and me occurred naturally. I suppose writing it is almost the same. Once I’ve written it I could go outside, sit on the bike and record the engine sounds; I have a worry that it will annoy the people living near its parking space, but if I do it this afternoon rather than this evening it would be more acceptable, I guess.


What do you think?

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