Collaboration ideas


1. Get a bunch of people together, create a shared purpose and carry out actions to fulfil the purpose. Film the whole process.

I like the idea of doing something for no purpose other than it’s fun or silly. A worry is that people won’t turn up or that I will want to enforce my idea of the shared purpose – my film!

2. Take a scene from a well-known film and re-make it, making all non-diegetic sound visual and, therefore, diegetic.

This idea is based on the reading I’ve been doing about sound in cinema; I like the idea of making an orchestra visible in a scene where it isn’t part of the story; it appeals to the absurdist in me.

3. Produce the film that Chris Emerson and I have been collaborating on together since August.

I emailed Chris to see whether he would be up for completing our film by the deadline, for this collaboration film, of 21 November. Since he didn’t reply by the time I had my next idea (see below) I abandoned this. I also think it would be better to work slowly on this film, rather than rushing the process in favour of the collaboration deadline.

4. Contact Same Sky, a local community arts organisation, to see whether I can make a short film exploring the organisation and the people within it.

As I sat down to lunch, I reached for the Same Sky brochure I picked up at Jubilee Library, Brighton, a few weeks ago. I like the ethos of “create to celebrate” and then I noticed a photograph of myself on page 5, taken at Gay Pride in 2007 or 2008; I hadn’t made the connection that Same Sky were involved in making the costumes for the float I was part of. I remembered the excitement and camaraderie I experienced during that day and decided that I’d like to know more about Same Sky.

I emailed John at Same Sky:


He responded quickly and we will, hopefully, speak tomorrow.


What do you think?

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