Collaboration: journal 19 October 2013

My initial idea for the Collaboration film was to build a relationship with John Varas, Artistic Director of Same Sky, a charity organisation that works with schools and local communities to create paper-based sculptures that are displayed in parades; Pride and the Burning of the Clocks are two such parades. Because of cuts to funding, John is stressed and, despite showing willing in our initial telephone conversations, John did not return my calls to arrange to visit him. At the end of the my presentation on Albert Maysles in this week’s Collaboration seminar, I put forward the idea of building a doll’s house, or a miniature room (a diorama?), decorating it, staging a scene and photographing it. I could film the process of building it. The idea was well received, particularly because it combined two modules: Homemaking and Unmaking and Collaboration. After discussion with my friend, Justine, in which she mentioned Ibsen’s A Doll’s House[1], and some research online (Google: “dolls house”), I ordered a copy of Ibsen’s play from Amazon.

[1] Henrik Ibsen A Doll’s House Amazon Ltd, Marston Gate


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