Collaboration: facebook conversation Thursday 24 Oct 2013

  • Thursday
  • Chris Emerson
    Chris Emerson

    So we’re aiming to pickup everyone at 11am on Sunday and then drive to devils dyke. Can anyone else drive? I can take some props if that is the case, if not then I can happily take four of us. I’ll pay for parking. Julia, can you sort out the utopia sign? I have no idea what this is going to be about but it will be lots of fun! Just ensure that you wrap up warm

  • Justine Smith
    Justine Smith

    Hi all i cant join on sunday but will be thinking of u and looking fwd to collaborating at a later stage. Have fun. X

  • Julia Fry
    Julia Fry

    Thanks Justine.

    Chris, if there isn’t room in the car we can load it up with chairs (from my balcony?) and other stuff and you and Helen and I can ride my motorcycle up there. Will email you all tomorrow. Helen, what’s your email address?


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