Collaboration: facebook email conversation Friday 25 Oct 2013

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  • Julia Fry
    Julia Fry

    Hi Chris and Helen and Jus,

    So, I listened to some of the recording of my conversation with Chris and made notes – I’ll put photos of the notes on my blog, but the gist is: the film is called “Utopia”; the two characters are shareholders in a large corporation; they can sense the growing unrest and sense of outrage at the unfairness of the current economic system. They can also sense, but at the start of the film are in denial about it, their own part in maintaining this unfair system. The aim is to get the characters to a point where they fully see the unfairness and can no longer take part in the system.

    The first scene starts with a pan from the Utopia sign, across the chairs and chess board inside the derelict structure, to the tent the shareholders are in the process of erecting, having nearly finished doing so. I’ll have already taken close up shots of the tent being set up.

    Once the tent is set up we’ll stop filming and set up a camera inside the tent looking out. We can also keep most of the equipment inside the tent.

    As director, I’ll take aesthetic decisions and look after and operate the technical equipment. I’d like Helen and Chris to stay in character for as much of the time at Devil’s Dyke as possible. And, as an additional challenge I’d like to invite you to use as little dialogue as possible.

    I’ve booked time in my calendar from 11am until 3pm – is this okay for everyone?

    Depending on how the shoot goes I might need to get more footage at a later date – would you be up for that?

    I’ll bring a sign with Utopia scrawled across it.

    We’ll probably need warm clothing, food and drink with us for the shoot.

    I’m going to take photos at the location today.

    Looking forward to working with you all! X

    • Julia Fry

      Questions for Helen and Chris to consider:

      Which company are you shareholders of? What is involved in being a shareholder? What is your life like currently? Who will you model your character on?

    • Julia Fry
      Julia Fry

      Here is a first attempt at the film’s blurb:

      “England is approaching revolution; rich bankers and corporate shareholders are the target of the under classes’ wrath. Escaping the tension of London for the weekend, two multi millionaire shareholders set up camp on Devil’s Dyke. The future is coming; they can feel the change. What will they do?”

      What do you think? Bit Hollywoodesque?

    • Justine Smith
      Justine Smith

      Is good. you dont i feel need the question. I like the idea of watching them feel this.

    • Julia Fry
      Julia Fry

      Me too. I put the question in because I’m so conditioned by trailers (movie ones not camping ones). Thanks!


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