Collaboration: journal 12 November 2013

I had a meeting with Terry Meade, tutor on my Homemaking and Unmaking module. I told him about my idea for the project after the Collaboration project: to create a womb-like structure that a single person can crawl inside and lay there in foetal position; there will be speakers positioned about the structure playing sounds of heartbeat, intestinal gurgles, breathing and external sounds of muted dialogue that is sometimes threatening and sometimes soothing. I also stated my interest in temporary structures that can be taken down and rebuilt, inspired by Cave of the Yellow Dog; I talked about the clutter inside the yurt in the film that packed down into two small wagons. We talked about objects in the home and how they help to keep identity on a continuum; this could be a potential dissertation idea. He gave me a book, OCCUPATION: Negotiations With Constructed Space, with a CD that has papers on it from a conference held at the university in 2009, advising me to read two particular papers: Knowing Occupations: the euretics of very small houses by Dr Jan Smitheram and The Minimum Home by Dr Ersi Ioannidou.

Talking about objects in the home inspired me to think about Hugo and Cate in my film. The objects Hugo and Cate have with them are: the collapsed tent, Cate’s bag and a flask of coffee. They are cold – the wind reaches inside the place where they are sheltering – yet, they do not leave. It is as if they needed to leave their homes, and the norms of the identities that their everyday objects help them to reconstruct daily, in order to reflect on their lives and begin to see differently.


What do you think?

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