Sound and vision: Punch and Judy aesthetics






I took these photos yesterday afternoon. They’re of the Punch and Judy theatre at Brighton Museum. I like the dark textures of the photos. I’m thinking of projecting them and using them as a backdrop for the live action of my Punch and Judy film; if that doesn’t work, I could use the green screen for the live action and bring the backdrop textures into the film in post-production. I also measured the theatre so that I can get an idea of dimensions for the display I’m going to build for the second year show.

I presented my ideas yesterday in the Sound and Vision seminar by projecting my blog and showing the thought process I’ve been going through so far. Apocalypse Now! has particularly fed into my idea and we talked about me using Punch to show my own experience of my father’s inability to resume ‘normal’ family transactions after tours of duty in Northern Ireland. Lots of artists dealing with soldiers and conflict were named and I have further research to do, as well as piecing together a shooting script.


What do you think?

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