Sound and vision: the eyes have it


I think I’ve ruined my puppets. I tried to make the eyes more realistic by building up layers of paint, from dark to light, but it didn’t work and I ended up painting over them in a solid colour. Now the eyes look big and sort of Disney character-ish; the Disney look is helped by the woman having long red hair. I might paint pupils in the middle.


2 thoughts on “Sound and vision: the eyes have it

  1. my sister hated that my puppets didn’t have pupils.. i like it. puppets are a species in their own right, a facsimile of reality but hang about they are made of clay for lordy’s sake.. they are adorable julia and look like a family! looking forward to if you teach them a thing or two through their eyes!

  2. It’s true – they are a different species. I was thinking, as I was trying to make their eyes realistic, that perhaps they need not to be realistic. Also, on my way home from the shop I looked at the graffiti painting of a green man – his eyes have an almond shaped outline and a black circle in the middle with a white background. Our brains fill in the rest. Simple, less is more, works, I think. Thanks, Jus, for your comment. Your puppet is beautiful – emerald green eyes without pupils.

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