Sound and vision: body parts?


I began playing with wire with the idea that it would form part of a puppet’s body. I didn’t know which part but as I twisted the wire I thought it might resemble an upper arm. I made another, slightly smaller, metal sculpture and joined them together but it didn’t feel right as a limb.


After some time of doing other things I went back to the puppet work and found inspiration after handling objects I pulled out of my imaginatively labelled “stuff” box. Unravelled audio cassette tape gave me the key: I wound wire around it, encasing it, and had created a sort of upper body. I pushed the man puppet’s stick through the body part and realised I could attach other body parts to it.


Turning back to the small wire sculptures, I pushed the female puppet sticks into them and they too have a base I can attach body parts to.



Because the male has post traumatic stress disorder, the audio tape reflects the messed up way he communicates. I’m not sure about the wire sculptures on the females – something to do with inner strength and resourcefulness. I wonder if their bodies change during the performance after interacting with one another.


What do you think?

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