Sound and vision: back to Jung.


I went to St Peter’s House Library with Justine to look at The Red Book again. I let the book fall open at this image and then turned to the text it referred to. I was hoping for some synchronicity but I couldn’t see how the text related. Justine pointed to the text a few lines above. It said this:

“Come to us, we who are willing from our own will.
Come to us, we who understand you from our own spirit.
Come to us, we who will warm you at our own fire.
Come to us, we who will heal you with our art.
Come to us, we who will produce you from our own body.
Come, child, to father and mother.”

Image 59 The Red Book, C. Jung.

I’d been thinking about how my original idea of using my experience of my father in my film didn’t tie in with emergent practice. I’ve been feeling like I should work with the stuff around my father but I don’t want to; I should because I stated clearly at the beginning that I wanted to. I don’t want to because I think these puppets will tell a different story if I let them. I don’t want them to be violent.

Jung’s verse resonates with me because it feels like it could be the puppets calling me to their story, rather than me fitting them to mine.


What do you think?

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