Sound and vision: letting go of the script

About a week ago I wrote a script for the puppets based on the adults talking to me as I make the child. The child has wings but the adults don’t because they ripped them off each other in arguments and I’d grown tired of making them. I recorded myself doing the voices for the puppets and tried to edit it into the film but it wasn’t working; it felt like the story was the baseline holding the film together. In my journal I voiced a new idea: to make speeded up footage of the making of the puppets and then go with the stop motion animation.

I suddenly felt at ease; I could let go of the script and put the footage together in the order I shot it as I made the puppets; it would be a chronicle detailing emergent practice. The story made by the puppets interacting will emerge when I play with and film them tomorrow.


What do you think?

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