Sound and vision: Not Punch and Judy: The Chronicle and Story of an Experiment in Emergent Practice

The second year show opened this evening and this is the film displayed inside the Punch and Judy theatre. The film is looped and it doesn’t matter which point you begin watching because you can make sense of the chronicle and the story once you’ve witnessed the whole thing. Friends of mine made the choice to watch from beginning to end, though, after joining it part way through, which I found interesting.

I enjoyed making the theatre knowing an audience would be coming to view it. Knowing the exhibits would be displayed for one week was also appealing. Collaborating with Matt Page on the build was a pleasure and I received help from classmates, Lara (painting) and Edmund (building).

I made the curtains for the theatre by ruching a strip of material to drop down from the pelmet; I fixed it in place with a staple gun. Two straight pieces of material were attached to the sides and the digital image was surrounded by black curtains. I stapled black cloth to the top of the theatre.

A hole was drilled into the front panel beneath the shelf for the headphones wires to feed through. Headphones were placed on white hooks either side of the hole. This invited people to sit side by side to view the film. I noticed if one person sat to watch it they would choose a side rather than sit in the middle. This behaviour makes me realise how arranging objects invites people to use the space.

Matt helped me to put up three shelves, which Justine painted, near to the theatre. I put flower pots with the puppets placed in flower arranging oasis on them. I noticed people seemed immersed as they watched the film.


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