Black Box White Cube: stills from test footage: a decisive moment in the kitchen

Black Box White Cube: still from test footage: a decisive moment in the kitchen

This is a still from Play In My Flat, a film/play/performance currently in production in my flat. As you can see, we are reading from scripts, this being the second rehearsal. More rehearsals take place next week, and the play will be filmed the following week. Flat screens will be installed in each room used in the play (lounge, kitchen, bedroom) the following week in order to display the footage from that room. Tickets will go on sale for two performances – 21st and 22nd March 2014 – shortly. The audience will be invited to explore the space and interact with the characters, who will be in the flat with them during the performance. Performances will last approximately one hour.

The play has four characters: Her, Him, Woman and Person With Clipboard. Woman (played by me) lives in the flat. Person With Clipboard (played by Ric Morris, not seen in this still) appears in Woman’s flat ten minutes before two time travellers from different points in the future, Her and Him (played by Justine Smith and Andrew Cain respectively), appear in Woman’s lounge. After giving them enough time to get to know each a little, Person With Clipboard guides the couple to the kitchen to converse with Woman. Each couple Person With Clipboard brings to Woman is made up of people representing extreme opposites of a conflict situation. Woman has learnt to ask questions that help the couple create insight into the other’s perspective – this seems to make them leave her flat more quickly. When enough insight has been gained Person With Clipboard asks the couple to move back to their starting positions in the flat. Person With Clipboard remains ten minutes after the couple have disappeared to make observations of Woman, which he does throughout the process. Until now, it’s just been Person With Clipboard, Woman and two time travellers; an audience is new – who are they? And why are they here?

The play is being filmed in my flat and the two performances will take place in my flat; this is the first time I’ve tried site-specific performance. Another still:

still looking at camera


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