Play In My Flat – behind the scenes photos

Play In My Flat - behind the scenes photos

Can you crack the code? Person With Clipboard observes and makes notes about Woman during his time travelling events in Woman’s flat. What do the notes mean? Why is he observing Woman? Why does he seem to bring two conflicted people with him every time he visits?

In the Between TakesIn between takes. Edmund Lloyd-Winder (cinematographer), Ric Morris (Person With Clipboard) and Justine Smith (Her) take a break during filming, whilst the director (Julia Fry) pores over the footage in her bedroom.

Off Camera in the KitchenOff camera in the kitchen. Piling up the mess out of view of the lens allows the kitchen to look tidy on screen.

No Paparazzi, Please


No paparazzi, please! Justine practices for when she’s famous.

Ric Memorises His Lines

Ric uses a little-known method to memorise his lines.

Credit to Andrew Cain for taking the photos.

Play In My Flat is a site-specific play/film/performance; main themes are time travel, domestic abuse and climate catastrophe. Tickets to performances on Friday 21 March 7-8pm and Saturday 22 March 7.30-8.30pm are available here.





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