Play In My Flat – documentation of performance on 21 March 2014

This film is a documentation, using the camera on a Samsung Galaxy S2, of a site-specific performance of Play In My Flat. Three screens showed scenes filmed previously in my flat. The three screens were installed, one in each room, and room-specific scenes were screened during the performance. Person With Clipboard (PWC) had control of when the scenes were shown in between improvised performance. The film shows two people, Him and Her, who have mysteriously time travelled from the future to 2014. They arrive in Woman’s flat, where they get to know one another little before PWC instructs them to move to the kitchen where a conversation with Woman allows the unravelling of themes of domestic abuse and climate catastrophe. During the performance, Him and Her are dressed like PWC (in white shirts and black trousers) and observe the goings on, whilst Woman involves the audience in trying to work out why they have come back and what is going on. The film can be viewed here:

Written and directed by Julia Fry.
Camerawork by Ric Morris.
Justine Smith – Her
Andrew Cain – Him
Ric Morris – Person With Clipboard
Julia Fry – Woman


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