Wonder Land: proposal for film

Based on research published in my previous posts about Wonder Land, I propose to make a film that petitions the local council to build an adventure playground for use by adults. The film will initially show:

  • adults trying to use the children’s playground at the Level
  • parents of children using playground giving disapproving looks and calling the police
  • the police arrive to tell the adults off
  • sad adults leaving the park
  • footage of artists’ installations (nets/bouncy castle, for example)

A documentary will track the progress of the petition:

  • contacting the council to find out information about how many signatures are needed and who to send it to
  • making the petition form(s) (one paper and one online?)
  • obtaining signatures (or not, as the case may be)
  • presenting the petition to the council
  • the council’s initial reaction
  • the council’s response (if they respond in time for the deadline)



What do you think?

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