I tell stories; I graduated from University of Brighton with a 2:1 in Moving Image in 2015, which gave me 3 years experience in filmmaking. I used personal stories as a basis for the fiction films I created and gained competence in cinematography (camerawork, lighting, blocking scenes with actors), sound (recording and mixing sound), and editing (using Adobe Premiere Pro and, if necessary, Final Cut).

As well as developing new skills at university, I practised stuff I was already good at: storytelling (writing) and communication and teamwork – without these, especially the latter two, it would have been impossible to bring off the ambitious projects I created and the ones I worked on for fellow students.

I feel like I should write a third paragraph to say something about what I’m currently doing but nothing is coming. The “should” is probably my inner critic.


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  1. I totally agree with you, youtube 11 year old flees marriage , We are supposed to be moving forward in human history and that means standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. The reason a child can’t consent to eroticism is that a child has no free independent ability to leave the situation and often lacks the knowledge that they have power over their body. Just because there are men and women who would and always have sexualized children doesn’t make it right, as evidenced by the overwhelming amounts of people including Brooke Shields, who have adverse feelings toward their childhood sexualization as adults. If it was so normal, every adult survivor of childhood sex abuse would feel good about it and be leading healthy, well-adjusted lives and that’s not the case. Good for you!

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