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Man in a Van?

I went out looking for a toy van and came home with an old vanity case. I’d toyed with the idea of replicating my journey from settler to traveller in miniature, by making a stop motion animation film to document it; it had occurred to me that people might be interested in crowdfunding a film like that. I could somehow use my puppet man as my alter ego, who buys and kits out a van as his home.

So, off I set, open to possibilities yet determined. I browsed all the charity shops in London Road and, as I handled some of the toys, ideas bubbled up then popped. In the last charity shop I gave up; as I made for the exit, out of the corner of my eye I spied a red vanity case sitting on the floor amongst vintage gloves, a wooden address book and some old postcards. “Vanity Case As Seen £4.99”, said the tag and I looked over the case; it wasn’t broken and the clasp worked. Why not?

Instead of my puppet man living in a van (or the cage I bought before the course began) he could live in this vanity case. The initials printed on the case, P.D., felt suggestive; suddenly and unexpectedly, my puppet has a home and a name*. Isn’t life sometimes wonderful?

What sort of character lives in a stained, old vanity case? I’m suddenly very excited to find out and I’m feeling much more connected to my puppet man.

*If you can guess his name, I’ll do a puppet show for you…

I Can Make You A Man

I’ve been making a man. In May I enrolled on Isobel Smith’s Puppets in a Suitcase 10 week course at The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton. Each week I’ve trotted along to the two and a half hour session to play with objects, make up and share stories, and create my man. Who is he? What’s he like? I don’t feel a strong connection to him yet…

Walking In The New Year 2016/2017

A couple of weeks before Christmas 2016 I decided that on New Year’s Eve I would catch the bus to Eastbourne and walk to Brighton, arriving in time for sunrise. During the walk I would think about what I liked about 2016 and what I’d like for 2017. I invited others to join me but everyone had plans so I walked alone. Here’s my story:


Finally, the sky is beginning to lighten. For the last hour I’ve told myself, ‘I just have to make it to the next bus stop; if a bus doesn’t come I’ll sit for a few minutes, then walk to the next one.’ Brighton’s street lamps and pier are visible. Eastbourne is far behind me. My legs, feet, shoulders and back ache, and my head is throbbing from where the head torch was strapped to it nearly all night – I’m holding it in my hand now. The pavement is jarring, not like the muddy grass of the cliff top, but I must stay close to the road. Continue reading

Meet Molly – she’s no angel


I found Molly laying on the pavement near a 24 hour corner shop; she was dirty, and had lost one eye (the other was barely hanging on). A friend thought Molly would be missed by whomever dropped her; perhaps she’s right.

Molly has wings and so does the angel symbol on her dress. After bathing in the washing machine and reclining on the radiator to dry, Molly hung out on my lounge wall for some months before it occurred to me that perhaps Molly is no angel.

Singularity put forward for Platform 2015 prize

keyhole_1.2 (Converted).mov.Still002

Ezra Miles, Aya Toraiwa and I have both been nominated for the Platform 2015 prize! The prize, offered by CVAN South East, would enable the winner to receive mentoring support for a year and a bursary of £2,500. Nice!

Ezra and I are graduating from the BA (Hons) Moving Image course at University of Brighton this year. My film, Singularity, is being showing in Room 204 and in the gallery on the ground floor of the Graduate show at Grand Parade at University of Brighton from 6 to 14 June 2015.